This is a collection of software and drivers for Windows 3.1 and DOS. If you would like to donate any files, please email me at If there are EXE files in your email, use 7zip to archive the files and then send the archive. Don't put them in a .ZIP file, please make sure the file extension is .7z.

Windows 3.1 Applications
Size : 166.051 Kb
Type : zip

WinImage is a utility to create and write floppy images.
Size : 2401.872 Kb
Type : zip
Win32s is a 32-BIT extension for Windows 3.1. It allows you to run some Windows 9x and NT applications, but is not 100% compatible with Windows 9x and NT.
Size : 1325.025 Kb
Type : zip
3D Pinball was one of my favorite games of all time as a child. It's the same 3D Pinball game that shipped with Windows NT 4.0 all the way up through XP. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to discontinue it with the release of Windows Vista. If you miss this game as much as I did when I discovered it's absence in newer releases of Windows, you'll be pleased to know that even though it's no longer included with Windows, it still works with every single version of Windows from 3.1 (with Win32s) all the way up through Windows 8. This is the exact one that came with NT 4.0, and will work well with Windows 3.1 as long as you have win32s installed and have your graphics and sound cards configured properly. It will also work with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.
winzip.exz winzip.exz
Size : 614.295 Kb
Type : exz

 WinZip is a utility to create and extract ZIP archives. Rename to WINZIP.EXE

 DOS Applications
Size : 121.703 Kb
Type : zip

SpeedStor is a Hard drive utility for DOS. It can run tests and format the drive.
Size : 236.012 Kb
Type : zip

SpinRite 3.1 is a Very thorough hard drive checking utility. It runs a variety of tests, marks errors on the drive, and can even do a non-destructive low level format.
Size : 50.008 Kb
Type : zip

Teledisk 2.16 is a nice disk imaging program for DOS. Not unlike WinImage, it  can take floppies and make images of them. It can then burn the images to other disks.
Size : 2823.333 Kb
Type : zip

Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2c is a Network managing program for DOS.
Size : 11.963 Kb
Type : zip

Anydrive. See the included .DOC file for it's purpose.
Size : 0.568 Kb
Type : zip

Diskpark parks hard drive heads for trasportation.
Size : 24.038 Kb
Type : zip

Gsetup is a universal BIOS setup utility
Size : 1244.574 Kb
Type : zip

 Arachne 1.95 for DOS is the best and possibly only DOS graphical browser in existence. 

pkunzip.exz pkunzip.exz
Size : 28.961 Kb
Type : exz
Utility for DOS to extract the ZIP files you download off this site. Rename to PKUNZIP.EXE. 

 Operating Systems
Size : 3400.992 Kb
Type : zip

This is every version of Microsoft Windows 1.X, from 1.00 to 1.04, with it's MOUSE.DRV file fixed to support PS/2 mice in addition to the serial and bus mice it already supported. In order to use these, install them as you would any other Windows 1.X version, but select "Microsoft Mouse (Bus/Serial)." Although it does not say PS/2, the mouse driver it installs has been updated with one that supports PS/2 mice. This is especially helpful if you would like to run Windows 1.X in a virtual environment, because most virtual machines, like Virtualbox, do not emulate serial mice.
Size : 3891.596 Kb
Type : zip

 This is MS-DOS 6.22, the final version of MS-DOS. It is what you ned to run Windows 3.1 on any computer.
Size : 3963.74 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 4009.556 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 2550.459 Kb
Type : zip
This is Windows for Workgroups 3.11. It is the last version of Windows 3.1 and the best because unlike previous versions, it has networking support built right in. Windows For Workgroups 3.1 also has networking support, but version 3.11 is more stable. The first zip file contains disks 1, 2, and 3; the second zip file contains disks 4, 5, and 6; and the third zip file contains disks 7 and 8.

Size : 650.49 Kb
Type : zip
Microsoft TCP/IP-32 driver for Windows For Workgroups 3.1/3.11. You need this in order to connect Windows 3.1 to the internet.
Size : 121.934 Kb
Type : zip

 Collection of packet drivers for some common network cards.
Size : 75.238 Kb
Type : zip
A variety of good mouse drivers for DOS.
Size : 216.806 Kb
Type : zip

 A variety of CD-ROM drivers for MS-DOS, you can use pretty much any CD-ROM drive in DOS/Windows 3.X using these drivers.


Original IBM 5161 product announcement PDF file. The contributor actually got this directly from IBM! 

 A special thanks to the following download contributors:

Ian Dew

Tom Chavez

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